Did my 20 minute strength training workout last night, despite the fact that I have a massive sinus and ear infection, and some sort of lung issue, whether it is asthma, an upper respiratory infection, or early asthmatic bronchitis, it wasn’t very clear, but I have the biggest antibiotics I have ever seen, as well as an albuterol inhaler, and instructions to do what I felt comfortable with, and to keep that inhaler with me when I run.

I am extremely unhappy that my lungs sounded crappy, especially given that until this weekend, I was not having any symptoms of this being anything other than an ear and sinus issue. On my really cold run on Friday, I did have a breathing spell that was bad enough that I became very dizzy and had to stop and lean against a railing by the River briefly. At the time, I assumed that was related to 6 weeks out of my shoes. Dr. said possibly, but given the sound of my lungs, she thought it was a bigger issue than that, especially since I did not have any such problems on my first run back when it was 55 degrees last Wednesday.

I am not sure how to approach my training for this week, as a result. Breathing today has been something of a chore, and the cough has really kicked up. The various running websites suggest holding off on training whenever you have symptoms “below the neck,” which, today, I definitely do. But I do not want to fall behind on my running.

Maybe more weight lifting and the exercise bike instead? Then I can be indoors, without cold dry air to flare my lungs up. Or maybe I just need to rest? The Doc did not have a lot of guidance on this either way.


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