Did nothing all weekend except feel like crap after poisoning myself with gin. Maybe I drank it faster than I have been. Maybe all the cold meds enhanced the effect. The quantity wasn’t different from what I was drinking a couple of weeks ago, but the effect was more pronounced, and the result was a wasted weekend for the most part.

Then I packed my running gear (including a new Underarmour-style long sleeved shirt and a new Champion heavy weight hoodie) to take to work this morning, and left the bag sitting on the couch. Another wasted day. Perhaps tonight I will put the exercise bike to use since they are calling for rain for the next day or so.

An aspect of training I have not addressed here yet is diet. My RnY gastric bypass requires me to aim for 60 grams of protein per day, and my pouch doesn’t allow room for all that protein and gobs of carbohydrates at the same time, so by necessity, I am on a “low-carb” diet, generally under 100 carbs per day. For the first 6 months or so, I kept it to under 50 carbs per day. Being at maintenance now, having a little more room in my pouch, and doing more aerobic activity, I allowed my intake to go up, but I struggle constantly still with the “white carb” cravings. I still avoid white pasta in large quantities, no white store-bought bread, generally no white potatoes (not much sweet potato either), and little to no rice. Now my mom is a baker and I get lots of delicious, homemade white bread in the house, and while it is a major struggle to not eat the whole loaf, I do allow one slice per day.

It is possible to cheat my surgery and I do, but I am growing more and more fearful of failure, so I am actively trying to make better choices and trying to make more good choices than bad ones. Yesterday was kind of an unusual day, but here is what my diet looked like.

Brunch at Bob Evans – 1 cup of oatmeal (didn’t finish it; only have room for about .75 a cup) (about 19 carbs and 5 grams of protein)
Mid-Day Snack/meal – S’bux Skinny Caramel Macchiato – 15 grams of protein w/ 25 carbs (yes, I will treat a latte as a meal)
Dinner – Kona Grill Miso Soup and 5 piece Yellow Tail Sashimi. (Miso has 5 grams of protein. 1 ounce of sashimi has 7 gr. of protein, so I probably had 21 or maybe 28 from those 5 slices)
Snack – Multigrain Pita Chips and beer

That is a pretty good day, especially if I had left out the beer. I needed a little more protein, and a few less carbs, but overall, that was pretty good.

Getting diet, aerobic conditioning, and strength training all working together is my goal over the next 240 days.


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  1. Alcohol absorption varies tremendously for me (I once got pukey-sick on 2 mixed drinks)! I know our rewiring is in different areas of the digestive tract but might this not be an issue for you also? I am more likely to drink cider now as I can’t drink them fast enough to get wasted. I get full first. Just a thought.


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