To Belle Isle Bridge and Back

My standard two miler. To make it an even 5k run, all I have to do is cross the Belle Isle footbridge and go a quarter of the way around the island, then turn back; I like this fact. The weather was stunning today; upper 60s with a cool stiff breeze, and beautiful sunshine. It was too hot to wear the sweatpants I had, but they were the only thing in my bag. When I packed that bag on Sunday, I had no idea it would be almost 70 degrees 3 days later. At least I had a sleeveless tank. Hard to accept that it will be almost 25 degrees colder tomorrow.

Ran the first half non-stop. Took a 4 minute breather walk, then another solid 5 minutes, a 1 minute breather, and finishing out the last of the run with a sprint on the uphill from the Alcoa plant to Canal Street. Speed was better, breathing was much better, but then I had albuterol assistance, and I had some asthma symptoms when I was done and cooled down.

I have felt awful for weeks and I am blaming the combination of the sinus/ear infection from hell and probably some pretty nasty anemia and dreadful B vitamin levels. Vit. D is probably in the basement too. I had been slack with my vitamin supplements and certainly was not getting any sunshine, but in the past week, I have been religious about my supplements, in fact, doubling my doses like I am supposed to be doing. I am eating iron rich foods (spinach, nuts, red meat, broccoli, etc.) and combining them with Vitamin C rich foods (mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, carrots, etc.). I am drinking milk daily, either in a coffee, or straight from the little pint cartons. In short, I have not been paying as close attention to my nutrition (and I am not talking caloric intake) this winter as I should, and I think it is 90% of the reason I have felt poorly, and a part of the reason this particular sinus infection has been so brutal (besides the fact I let it go untreated so long).
Lunch: Chicken salad (protein) on a bed of spinach (iron) with mandarin oranges and dried cranberries (Vit. C to increase iron absorption), and beets (more Fe and I adore them). My salad bar usually has sunflower seeds, which I would normally add for more iron and protein, but they only had walnuts today, which I dislike.

As the weather starts to improve this spring, I would like to aim for 3 runs per week, two at the full 5k distance to Belle Isle and back, and then one run in the Alcoa part of the canal walk, where there is gravel, stairs, and dramatic elevation changes, for a much more intensive, if shorter workout.


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