Proved I am not dead in the water in my Warrior Dash training yesterday. Went out for a really good run; 2.6 miles in 30 minutes. Not a race time by any stretch, but a good hard run with hill training to boot. I needed a little retribution for my Super Bowl super-indulgences.

I finally crossed the River for the first time this year, reaching the shores of Belle Island. To cross the river, I have to take this awesome footbridge under the Lee Bridge. I used the ramps for some hill training, and the footbridge itself is a series of hills that I used as well. Hill work improves speed but hills make me tired. Or something did. I was dead on my feet the rest of the day.

The tough run got even harder when I lost my MP3 player due to dead batteries about halfway into the run back. I hate that my ancient MP3 player shows a full charge until suddenly it is dead. No warning and no indication that I might want to change out my battery before going for my run. Irritating. I really need a new one. My old Sansa from 2003 or 2004 died completely last summer. Byram gave me his, which is from the same year (probably purchased at Christmas in 2003) and it is starting to develop the same problems that mine had before kicking the can. I want one that I can strap to myself (I refuse to be one of those people carrying my phone/MP3 player along in my hand and women’s running gear NEVER has pockets), and something that can have a protective cover because my sweat is like battery acid and I don’t think delicate circuitry will hold up long against it. And it really needs to be less than $50.

It was an excellent workout with an average pace of less than 12 minutes. Since the weather looks good today, I hope to go out at lunch and work the Alcoa area with gravel, steps, and serious elevation changes. The distance is very short but the difficulty level is much higher.


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