Less than 200

I ususally title my posts with the number of days left until the Warrior Dash race, but I am not at my desk with my handy blotter/calendar in front of me.

With the improved weather (70s again!) it is far easier to lace up my trainers and hit the bricks. Went for two runs at work last week (2.25 miles each) and on Saturday, walked up to the school and did 6 laps on the .5 mile track there. I had a sub-30 minute goal in mind, which I failed to hit, finishing the last lap at 31:20, but it’s hard to complain when 18 months ago, running 3 miles was something other people did.

I intend to run at lunch today, probably my 2.25 standard run, and hope to do another 3 miler this weekend if Byram doesn’t mind watching the munchkin for the better part of an hour.

Need to get more strength training in and need to look back over the obstacles at the Warrior dash and see if I cannot simulate some of them for practice.

Really am glad the weather is turning around.


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