Rough Week

After a 3 mile run on Sunday and 2 miles on Monday, I was laid low by GI troubles and a severe lack of energy. The GI troubles remain. Stress-related IBS is the likely culprit (which I also suffered the LAST time I autocratted Sapphire Joust). I guess between now and the end of May, every day might have to be “play it by ear” (or intestines, as it were) based on how much jostling my guts can take.

So after being off three days, I took advantage of the first of 8 “free” visits I have to the Downtown YMCA. I put my butt on a treadmill for the first time in a year.

3 miles. 31 minutes.
6.5 miles per hour for a while there.
I absolutely loved it. Still wouldn’t face a mirror, but I could see my reflection in the window I was looking out of.

It was really cool to see the muscles in my quads and shins. Might even have the courage to run in front of a mirror in the future.

I really hope we can get a gym membership again in the relatively near future.


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