Post-Race Blues

I posted my write-up on the Virginia Warrior Dash Race over at my regular blog; you can read it all here.

After such an insane weekend, post-race blues are setting in a bit, combined with two bits of bad news. The first is related to the length of time my beloved dog has left to be with us (hint: only a few more days) and the second was the single worst hemoglobin reading I have ever had taken in attempting a blood donation, in spite of heavy Fe supplementation over the past month.

I need to address some health issues, nutritionally and habit-related.

I also need a new goal to work towards. Warrior Dash is over and I have no races on my schedule until April at the earliest. I have been desperately searching for some kind of New Year’s eve or New Year’s day race, but the only local one I found was already sold out of spaces. I thought it would be really need to set the tone of 2012 with a race.

I am more depressed than ever that I am not running the half-marathon on November 12, like I had so badly wanted too. Money issues and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever set in at the exact same time that I needed to sign up and start hard-core training. I set aside my 13.1 mile goal at that point. Too sick and too poor to even get off the ground.

I am looking for charity runs, 5Ks, 10Ks, mud runs, whatever. I am also trying to avoid conflicting with major SCA events. Rugged Maniac on May 5, 2012, is therefore out. Henricus Dauber Dash (is there not a more perfect race for me?) is a possibility as it will run the week AFTER Pennsic next year, but that is mid-August and I need something to run soon. Like now.

I could run the Ukrops 10K in April next year, but honestly, the race sells out every year and it is capped at 40,000 entrants. I really don’t want to run with 40,000 other people unless I am going into something really big like a half or full marathon. Crowds give me issues, and it was tough enough running in a wave of 500 last weekend.

There is the MGD Filthy 5K, which is part of the Dominion River Rock games, next May. It is cheap ($25), within walking distance from my office so I can hit it straight up after work, capped at 2,000 participants, and looks like a ton of fun. Again, it’s in May.

I just stumbled across this Pumpkin Run at the end of the month. It hits all the right things for me. Close, inexpensive, running for charity (autism!), and family friendly (free kids run).

Maybe that’s what I will go do.

But first, I need new shoes.


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