It’s Not A Dirty Word

I set up my training plan for the Jingle Run, and promptly started ignoring it. It’s been “fat week,” which comes with its own set of complications and I have given in to my body’s request to take it easy. I didn’t do my long run on Monday. I didn’t do my yoga last night. I have been a terrible slacker. At least until today.

Today, a fartlek run. The only way to get faster is to run faster, so that it what I will do.

In case you don’t feel like clicking the link, I will give a short explanation of what sounds like such a dirty word. Fartlek is Swedish for speed play. After a solid warm up, you run at an easy pace, then do a short, hard sprint, then back to your easy pace to recover.

I love it because it is uncomplicated. I don’t have to be checking my watch constantly. I don’t have to do it on a track. Simple and from my understanding, highly effective.

Post Run Edit: I take it back. Fartlek IS a dirty word. A horrible, sweaty, miserable word. That being said, I finally got my sub-11 minute mile pace today too. 10:59, baby.

Only a minute and a half to go to reach my goal race pace…yeah…I know.


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