Run, Interrupted

I guess it happens to everyone eventually.

I went out for my 4 miler at lunch. Only one mile in, my stomach started cramping, and not the little warning cramping of a slight threat. It was the rumblings of real trouble. I decided to switch from the 4 mile route to the 2 mile route, because there was absolutely no sort of facility available to me once I reached the River and Belle Isle. Turning back, I had to keep taking walking breaks every 3-4 minutes to quell some of the pain and maintain something like control.

It wasn’t enough. Thank God for the Troutman Sanders Building on Brown’s Island and for Canal CafĂ© being right there. I dashed in, noted their very prominent sign that said “Restroom for Customer Use Only” and, knowing very guiltily that I had not the first penny on my person to be a paying customer, proceeded to lock myself in there for a little while. I mentally promised myself I would go have breakfast there in the morning to make up for my terrible manners.

It was a very near miss for me. I will try again tomorrow to get that 4 miler in, I suppose.

Or maybe even tonight, a short, 2 miler to Meadowdale and back, in the dark, might just be the fix I need. We’ll see.


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