The Muddaubber’s 2012 Thoughts

I don’t really want talk about resolutions. I want to talk about reality. Things that have to happen for me to succeed at the goals I have set for myself this year.

Oh, the goals?
– Run 2 half marathons
– Run 2 obstacle/mud runs
– Contemplate and evaluate the possibility of running a full marathon in 2013
– Lose 15 pounds of body fat and add 5-10 pounds of lean muscle mass

Do you know which of those goals is the hardest one? If you guessed the body fat for muscle mass swap, you guessed right.

I am about 155 pounds right now, give or take about 2 pounds on any given day. My BMI is in the healthy and normal range. But I carry a lot more body fat than I would like and I have a lot less physical strength than I used to.

In order to make the swap, I really have to tighten up my nutrition. The fact that I run as much as I do is the only reason I am not packing on a lot of new weight. That is the ONLY reason. If I let my training slip or if I became injured and was off my feet for a month or two, I can easily see me putting on 5-10 extra pounds in no time flat. I have let lots of excuses come between me and a cleaner diet, but with my husband’s renewed commitment to healthier eating, it is becoming easier for me to do the same.

There is too much sugar in my diet. Way too much alcohol. Barely enough protein and too many worthless carbs. And did I mention way too much alcohol?

I don’t want you to assume my diet is complete crap. It really isn’t. What it needs is tweeking; pulling out the crap I have allowed to slip back in, and boosting my protein intake above and beyond the required 60 grams per day necessitated by my RnY bypass.

My mission is to go back to how I ate early on post-gastric bypass; cut out the white simple carbs (excluding dairy), increase my protein above and beyond 60 grams a day (I want between 75 and 100), and cut the processed crap back.

I will continue my running and training for the half marathons I have signed up for, but I am going to really focus on adding in cross-training on those rest days (Sun., Mon., and Fri.). My cross-training will focus primarily on weight lifting and yoga. Yoga on Sundays and weights on Mondays and Fridays would probably work best given my half mary training schedule.

Next up: how to create and implement a plan I can work with.


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