8 Miles

I was irrationally nervous about Saturday’s 8 mile HMTT route. It just felt scary to contemplate running that particular number of miles. If I could explain why, I would. Maybe it was because I didn’t run any of the short scheduled runs during the week so I felt unprepared, but either way, I was very anxious about it.

Strangely, I do not feel the same intimidation about this Saturday’s scheduled 9 mile run. I haven’t seen the route yet, but I am curious about where we will go this time. We went north last time, going all the way to Bryan Park. I don’t think we cross the Nickel Bridge until the 10 mile route, so I am very curious where we will be going.

But back to last Saturday. It was not my best run. I tired out very early on and my quads were unusually fatigued; they were burning at only two miles. It might have been the cold, it might have been a little dehydration, or maybe my head just wasn’t on right, but it was a tough run, with the last two miles probably being almost equal parts running and walking. I made sure I stretched in the parking lot and again with the foam roller when I got home, and my soreness level was significantly less than after the 7 miler 2 weeks ago. Big win for me there.

Likewise, yesterday I did 3 miles, and while I tried very hard to do some speedwork, I similarly tired out very early on and had to even stop at the halfway point.

As a result of two sort of “off” runs, I am pushing water and electrolytes. I have decided I really do like the Nuun tablets I have been using instead of Gatorade but I have to get more of them.

Tonight, I need to do 4 miles on the treadmill at the Y. I find running at night not to work exceptionally well for me; I am tired, I find the treadmill boring, I find the news on the t.v. on the wall depressing, and I get a little self-conscious with all the people behind me on bikes and elliptical machines looking right at my jiggling parts for 30-45 minute stretches (I am embarrassed to admit that I even think about that).

One last thing: Yesterday marked exactly two months left until the Instant Classic Half. I am getting excited about it. Not nervous yet. Just excited. Hope they get a map up of the half marathon route up soon though. I would like to go explore the trails we will be racing on, but I am pretty unfamiliar with Pocahontas in general.

I will try and update about the 9 miler next week.


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