9 Miles

I ran my 9 miles on Saturday morning in the most adverse conditions I have encountered so far. It was in the low 30s and alternating between heavy mist and pouring rain. I am actually really glad I did not hold out for Sunday’s group because Sunday was slightly drier, but it was much more windy and the windchill was in the low 20s. I prefer the rain to the wind.

So, 9 miles. I took gels around miles 3 and 5 and that was sufficient. I didn’t go through as much water as I did the previous week. The hills on this particular route during the early miles were really brutal and I lost track of the group by the time we hit the Lee Bridge. I managed to keep my paper with the route printed on it together until I hit the Boulevard and then it disintegrated. I got a little panicky on Monument because I just didn’t gather how far it was from Monroe Park to the Boulevard and I started getting a little irrationally afraid of missing the Boulevard (simply not possible).

Of course, I didn’t get lost. What can I say? I was alone and I was very tired.

I did a little stretching in the parking lot, but that was it. No foam roller or anything extra. I was so severely chilled that I could not bear putting my body in an ice bath, so I skipped that step too. I don’t deserve to feel as good as I do, all things considered, but, for now at least, it seems that the DOMS I was experiencing several weeks ago has stopped. I was very sore on Saturday right after the run, but after a nap and some time, that became very minor. Today, two days later, I still feel fatigued in my legs, particularly in my quads, but it isn’t pain and even my hip isn’t bothering me.

I have a major problem coming up and I have known this was coming for a while now. My training schedule has me running 3 weekdays a week — Tuesday through Thursday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are ALWAYS just 3 mile runs. Wednesdays have been 4 mile days until this week. Starting this week, and continuing through all of February, the Wednesday runs are going to vary from as little as 4 miles to as much as 6 miles.

I simply cannot do a 6 mile run on my lunch hour. I am not fast enough and I have to allow for time to change before and after. 4 miles currently is the longest run I can fit in my hour. That leaves me running in non-daylight hours. The Y limits machines to 45 minutes and they go into Cool Down automatically at 45 minutes, so again, I hit the 4 mile limit (also, I am ready to scream with boredom with just a few minutes on a treadmill). Running in my neighborhood sans daylight is just not a good plan for my personal safety in general.

Right now, I just don’t know what I am going to do. I could ask to use some personal leave and do the runs at lunch, but I can’t guarantee I will get any approval for that, especially if it affects the phone schedule. I could ask to leave early and take 90 or so minutes of personal leave and change and go run before 5pm. Again, run the risk of not getting approval.

The only other thing I can think would be to split the workouts. It wouldn’t give me the longer distance training I need, but if I did say 4 miles at lunch and 2 miles at the Y, or 3/2, or whatever, I would at least keep my mileage base for the week up where it needs to be.

Would love ideas or thoughts, but am too embarrassed to ask the HMTT right now, given that I don’t really know any of them.


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