For the first time since my surgery, I bench pressed a full size standard Olympic barbell. 20 kilos or 44.1 pounds. When we first joined the Y in December and I approached the bar for the first time in a few years, when I attempted to lift it, nothing happened. Nothing except some eyebrows raised from other lifters in the room and a couple of offers to help spot for me. Sheepishly, I declined the assistance. I couldn’t do it. It was completely humiliating and I was shamed into action.

Since then (with some time off around the holidays), in addition to running, I started attacking my upper body with dumbbells. I have been completely disorganized with my lifting, not going in with a solid plan other than to work on the muscles I like to look at the most, but that, to this point, has been enough. Dumbbell bench presses, upright rows, triceps extensions, pectoral flys, and such.

Dumbbells are great (and arguably better than a barbell) but there is a mental thing about lifting a barbell, and even better, stacking plates on it and then lifting it, so it was a great feeling to lift it last night.

Having achieved my very first strength related goal, I need to organize a program and follow it. If I want to achieve my goal of a sub-50 minute Warrior Dash in September, I have to be stronger so I can overcome those obstacles faster.


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