Whatever Dude

I decided to go test my theory about my weight and size, and I confirmed I really can fit into a size 6 pair of pants now. Nice.

Spent much of the week suffering from Monday’s lower body workout. I don’t think the next one will take so long to recover from. I remember having a similar experience each time I start a new routine.

Watching my average pace times slowly decrease and that is making me very happy. I did speed intervals on Tuesday on a treadmill, 4 miles on Wednesday, and 3 miles yesterday. Tomorrow, 10 miles. My first double digit distance. Not particularly nervous or worried about the run but more concerned about my energy levels afterwards. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Heard a new derisive term to refer to the weight room today while in the women’s locker room. “Manland.” I had thought that the stigma against lifting free weights was lifting in our modern world; I suppose not. But then again, I had a “screamer” in the weight room with me today counting every rep at a good high decibel level and ending each set with a guttural “Jesus Christ!” He wasn’t lifting puny weights, but really?

I admit. I looked him square in the face and rolled my eyes like a slot machine.

“Whatever gets you through your set, dude.”


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