Blue On a Monday

Monday is lower body lifting day.

Started like usual with dumbbell squats, but on the first squat, a muscle in my right quad pinged. I tried a couple more but my form was shit and the pain got worse each time. I switched over to the leg press machine, which did not seem to aggravate the injured muscle.

Leg Press: 2×10 at 150 lbs
Standing Calf Raise: 2×10 w/ 17.5 lb dumbbells (need more weight next time)
Hamstring Curl: 2×10 at 50 lbs
Back Extension w/ 8 lb medicine ball: 2×10
Crunches: 2×15
Reverse Crunches: 2×10

Stretched the hurt quad and foam rollered it. Very worried at the moment. Tuesdays are speed days and I am going to baby the hell out of my leg today, and try to run tomorrow if it feels safe to do so.


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