Shoe Shopping! (But Not Like You Think…)

As of today, I have dispensed with using MapMyRun for logging my workouts. I love The Daily Mile now. The only reason I stayed this long with MMR is because I had started tracking my workouts for the Winter 100 Challenge there, and since I have long completed those 100 miles, I packed up screenshots, sent them over to Kristen (The Running Mom) and have finished that challenge. Maybe I will win a cute headband or a tube of Nuun tablets, and maybe I won’t, but either way, I am proud of my mileage.

I really feel like last week’s running break has done me a world of good. Today is one of those days where running has done me a world of good as well. I left out of here in a horrible mood, grumpy and low. I plotted a new route (albeit a short one) and went out on an adventure run. It is hard to be bogged down in menial and depressing thoughts when you are taking in new surroundings and making sure you don’t get lost.

Tonight, I hope to get to the Y and do another 2 and a half miles since I need to log 5 for the day. After that, some severe core work and then some stretching. I will finish my night at the Y the way I always do: some laps around the track with Grace.

The Instant Classic Half is closing in. We are nearing the peak of the training runs with 11 miles scheduled for this Saturday, dropping back to 8 next Saturday, then going up to 12 on March 3rd, and tapering off to 6 miles on the 10th, the week before the race. That’s it. Only 4 training team runs left. Yesterday, the race organizers posted the route through the park for the half marathon and it looks like a big figure 8. I spent some time on Google Earth just looking at the area from space, seeing what the elevation looks like and what not. The park is mostly treed so I couldn’t see much actual trail, but I don’t really need to.

One major task lies before me this weekend: new running shoes. I have been doing a TON of virtual shoe shopping, trying to decide between minimalist, trail, road, fully supportive, and all the other options I don’t even understand. I think I would like a trail shoe because I run so often off-road, but I need them to be road worthy too. I would kind of like to check out these Brooks PureGrit shoes.

The price is alright and they have really good ratings. I would like to give them a try on and see.

But I have a confession: I can’t explain why, but I am incredibly intimidated by going and trying on expensive and fancy running shoes. No good reason, it is just…difficult for me.

Time to buck up because I am going shoe shopping on Saturday!


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  1. Where are you going to shop? Want company?


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