The Need for Speed

Not going to blast this to FB since I already did a post this morning.

I tried something I commonly do in weight training today with my treadmill run. I called it a pyramid run. In weight training, it typically works like this; e.g. 10 squats with 50#, 5 squats with 70#, 1 squat with 90#, then 5 with 70#, and 10 with 50#. A pyramid, get it?

Works great in strength training, so since the treadmills that all have the nice interval training programs on them were in use (all by walkers! Ah, the tragedy!) and intervals are kind of a pain when you have to make your change manually every minute, I decided to create a speed pyramid on the fly.

I started out with 3 minutes of warming up at 5.8 mph (11:21 min/mile), then 2 minutes at 6 mph (10 min/mile pace), then 1 minute at 6.5 mph (9:14 min/mile), peaking at 30 seconds at 7 mph (8:34 min/mile), and then “coming down the pyramid”, it was 1 min. at 6.5, 2 minutes at 6 mph, and then 2.5 minutes at 5.8. Then I did a second rep, 2.5 mins at 5.8 (so I had one long 5 minute stretch total at 5.8 mph), up the pyramid in the same pattern, and then coming back down, because I wanted a 10 minute per mile average pace, I chose not to follow the pattern, keeping the pace at 6 or 6.1 mph for most of the rest of the run, with one last 30 second bump up to 6.5 to wave off some boredom and make absolutely sure I didn’t come up with 2.99 miles when I hit the 30 minute mark.

I LOVED that run. Just thinking back on it brings a smile to my face. It was fun, hard, fast, and something I want to try again. Focusing on the math of counting out my times helped pass the time and keep me from getting bored, and I can do anything for 30 seconds, including run at 7 miles an hour.

I am really really proud of that workout.


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