T Minus 15 Days

They are calling for rain in the morning. Not just rain, thunderstorms. As I said on the Book of the Face on Wednesday, I draw the line at thunderstorms. Additionally, the Shamrock team can’t seem to come together on a route. I think four different ones have been offered and the one I liked the best (fewest twists and turns and a familiar section of Northside) has been generally deep-sixed.

Frustrated by the indecision of the team and the uncertainty of what day I am going out, I have started plotting out routes around the neighborhood. If I do the same route as last weekend with an extra Hopkins/Meadowdale/Cogbill/Rt. 10/Irongate/Beulah loop thrown in, it puts my mileage up to 14 miles. I could hang with 13 even though it is supposed to be a 12 mile week, but 14 is too much of an up-jump from the 11 miles we ran 2 weeks ago, and puts me at risk for injury.

Three of those loops plus some weaving through the Meadowdale Subdivision will get me 11.75 miles, closer to the 12 I am scheduled to run, but I would actually prefer to go long on this run rather than short; the closer I come to 13 miles, the more prepared I will feel for the Instant Classic. Plus, I would prefer to thread fewer different roads because I am prone to forgetting my route or getting a little disoriented about where I am, especially towards the end of a really long route.

I like the idea of going it alone, but at the same time, I will lack the SAG (Support And Gear, which makes total sense! Thanks Kitty!) stop along the way to recharge my water bottle and take on any alternative fuels (like pretzels, Gatorade, or gummy bears). I could leave myself a SAG stop at the Hopkins/Beulah Intersection. I could live with any food or water I set out for myself being stolen, though that would be unlikely, but heaven forbid it was called in as a “suspicious package.” That would be awful, but I see innocent things called in as suspicious downtown in Richmond ALL the time.

I have never been this uncertain on how to approach a long run. This is my longest one before the race and weather conditions and the nature of a very disorganized team are working against me.

Additionally, my left hip is bothering me today. I could feel it yesterday after my run and knew it would troublesome today. I didn’t stretch; in fact, haven’t been stretching after most of my recent runs. Bad runner; no biscuit.

I didn’t pack any clean, dry clothes to wear to the gym today for my Friday upper body workout. If I wear the stuff that is 3 workouts old and still wet from yesterday, at least I won’t have anyone crowding me on my bench today, I bet.

Monday, I am going to call my General Practitioner and get seen for the ear infection I know I have, the sinus infection I suspect I have, and the upper respiratory infection that is threatening. I confess that one of the reasons I have delayed this long was that I wanted to get my longest training run out of the way before going on the gut-destroying Z-pack that I am sure will be coming my way.

The race is two weeks from tomorrow. I am having stress dreams every single night; some of them are running related, some of them have been SCA related, and some have been relationship related. I am not sure what the source of my stress really is, whether it is my difficulty breathing at night, the anxiety and excitement of the race that is coming, or some changes I have made to my diet recently. I do feel anxious today about the race, uncertain in general, edgy and fidgety. I need to go do a killer workout at lunch and I think that would help. I have also had far too much caffeine today, and I am sure that is adding to my jitters.

I know it’s going to be okay. I am just one big ball of complaining and excuses today, I guess.


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  1. Posted by bdb on March 2, 2012 at 10:57 am

    You could run to a point and I could come get you. Also, Grace and I could have a little “Go Mommy Go!” Station set up somewhere to refuel. Just let me know!


  2. Everything that you’re feeling is perfectly normal. Technically you have already run long enough to do the race and you could start your taper now. I know how you are though, so do your last long run and then start tapering. Expect the weird emotional junk to continue until after the race. Get a good night’s sleep two nights before the race because you are not likely to sleep well the night before. You are doing everything right and will have a great race!


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