Off The Map

What happened? Just as I was recovering from the half marathon, I disappeared off the map. It’s true. DailyMile reminds me that the last time I logged in was April 2nd.

I lost my motivation, then I ran out of energy.

Last Wednesday, I saw my gastric bypass nurse and had my blood work done, and it turned out that my iron levels are in the basement. For a normal RNY gastric bypass female of child bearing age, they want to see my iron somewhere above 35. My iron level was 11.

It’s no wonder I haven’t had the energy to lace up my trainers.

Well, since last Thursday, I have been conscious of the low iron and am taking a hardcore iron supplement and doubling my daily multivitamin, but so far, all I have to show for my efforts is a confused GI system.

Sunday, Grace ran her first obstacle race, the Mini Muddy Buddy, here in Richmond. I think she would have had a blast except we had temperatures in the low 50s and rain that day, instead of the sunny, mid-80s we had the day before. I enjoyed running with her, even if I didn’t appreciate the cold mud and cold rain any more than she did. It helped me find my feet again.

Not working out only breeds more of the same, so I figured even a short run would be better than sitting on my ass again today. I took myself to the Y for a run on a treadmill. Tuesdays are always for speedwork, so that is what I set out to do. Nothing structured, nothing planned for today except to run at 10 min per mile or faster for as long as I could. I started at 6mph and bumped the speed up and down with the music on my MP3 player, as high as 6.6 mph. Pretty good for me, even if it made for a very short run. 1.3 miles is more than I have logged in 3 weeks, and it was run at a 9:52 pace, my first sub-10 minute mile in, maybe ever.

GI cramps (see the iron supplement comments above) and twingy, crampy muscles in my back helped end the run much earlier than I wanted, but it did feel good to run again. I felt really amazing running at 6.6mph on the ‘mill.

I hope to do a five mile run on Sunday.


One response to this post.

  1. Nice work getting back in there and running!

    Also, eating foods with vitamin C at the same time as you take your iron will help its absorption.

    Feel better soon! :)


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