A Dash for a Dauber

Trouble sleeping? New shoes? Tumbling over and over in my mind about what to wear on a special Saturday morning?

No. I am not getting married. I am running another race. The five mile Henricus Dauber Dash is tomorrow. I have wanted to run this race for a couple of years (check the name!) but for the past two years, it has conflicted with Pennsic. Now they have it in June this year, so there is no conflict, but it will be typical June weather in Virginia.

I am hydrating today. Water, V8 juice (tons of potassium and sodium, which is your friend in this weather), and Nuun.

This week, temps soared into the upper 90s, with the heat index being 103 yesterday. I tried to run on Tuesday outdoors, but ended up with a swimmy head and had to turn a 3 mile route into a 2.5 mile one and walked much of it. I am a little anxious about tomorrow’s race, the heat, and the fact that it is a bit more “advanced” than I was prepared for (the slowest pace group offered is 10:30 min/mile and that is the high end for a maintainable pace for me), but then, I haven’t yet run a race I wasn’t a bit anxious about. Nothing new here.

There are 12 obstacles on the course, same as Warrior Dash, but they don’t appear to be as difficult as WD. It is stacks hay bales, scrambling over picnic tables, several runs through the James River marshes, and apparently a big hill. No 12 foot walls to scale or cargo net climbs, as far as I can tell.

I am still nervous but I am looking forward to tomorrow. I love the excitement of a race. I realized that when I did the Corporate 4 Miler two weeks ago with my husband. We walked it mostly, but even being with the walking group, there was a fantastic energy surging through the group and it is so much fun to be a part of that.

I think this is going to be a really fun race. My main goal is to get through it uninjured. I came away from WD with only minor scrapes and bruises. This one looks to have more trail-like qualities to it, plus a lot more time in the James River and various marshes. I am wearing a pair of brand new “disposable” tennies I got as cheaply as possible, and I am worried about minor injuries like blisters and simply rubbing off skin from running with wet feet. Heat will be a factor too. Every race I have done has turned out to be cooler than expected except for the Instant Classic, and while I train outdoors all the time, but I don’t feel like I have acclimated at all to the Virginia summer. Hopefully those watery obstacles will have a nice cooling effect.

Pictures and a race recap next week I hope.


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