4 Months Until The Richmond Half

My reduced mileage and this heat is taking its toll on my training this summer. Next Monday (payday), I will pay up for the American Family Half Marathon Training Team, and in about a month, training kicks off for the half marathon on Nov. 10. This heat makes me so glad I am not planning on running either of the two relatively large half marathons that take place in Virginia in August. (Whoops, Pat. Henry is in August, but Rock & Roll is Sept. 2).

I really have tried to focus on improving my speed this summer, but it has been a wickedly hot summer. I can make some blistering paces (for me anyway) on the treadmill, but those are not translating to the road runs. My first mile is always right around 10 minutes (sometimes even less than 10 minutes) but then that’s it. The heat sets in and I start wilting, and when it is close to 90 degrees, I find myself walking a lot of the last half mile, fighting off a swimmy head.

I am getting excited about running again. I didn’t sink deep into post-race blues after the Dauber Dash, probably because the heat kept me from being interested in running at all. But now its July, the Richmond Half is starting to feel more real, as is Warrior Dash on September 29. I am planning on running the Instant Classic in March again because, damnit, I still want a 2:30 time or better there.

I need to go back to my Saturday long runs (5 miles or better) and start getting back in the habit of early morning runs on Saturdays, since I will be paying for the privilege of doing that for 14 weeks this coming Autumn. Frankly, I need to simply sit down with a calendar and plot out my workouts between now and after Pennsic, when I will begin the training team.

I seriously want to nail my 2:30 goal in November and I have exactly 4 months left to get right and get fast. Time to get cracking.


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