Working Now But Thinking Ahead

I am committed. I paid my fee, chose my t-shirt size, and I am officially a part of the SportsBackers Half Marathon training team. I am actually pretty excited about this because this is the first formal training team I will work with, and unlike the informal group I trained for the Instant Classic with, there will be a dedicated support team, the routes will be well-organized and planned, and I will actually run the same race as the people I am training with.

I just got done with a 3 mile lunch run. It is finally “normally” hot in Richmond, as opposed to the abnormal heat we had the last week of June/first week of July. It is somewhat easier to get miles in when its 90 rather than 105. Tomorrow will be wretchedly hot, but tomorrow is also my scheduled indoor intervals day (Tuesdays are for speed, you know). I am very focused on getting my miles under 11 minutes, but that is only happening on the treadmill. I just have to keep at it and hope that with falling high temperatures this autumn will also see falling pace times.

The rest of the month has a moderate training plan set out to help keep me motivated, active, and focused heading into Pennsic. Mondays and Thursdays are always 3 mile runs; easily accomplished on my lunch hour. Tuesdays have been speed work days for a long time, and right now, I am focusing on intervals for the sheer intensity I can squeeze into the 20 minutes I get on Tuesdays when I have phone duty (I lose the other 40 minutes to getting to the gym, changing, changing back, getting back to the office, and very quickly throwing something in the microwave to eat at my desk). Wednesdays are for weights. I still love picking up heavy things and putting them back down; I am still in pursuit of shoulders like Michelle Obama. Not to mention, Warrior Dash is still coming.

Fridays are free days. I can cross train (weight lifting, cycling, walking, etc.) or I can just rest. I like having the choice. Saturdays are supposed to be for long runs, 5 miles for now, though for a very solid reason, I skipped my long run this past Saturday. On Sunday, God rested, and so shall I.

After Pennsic, distances will go on the increase. I am really starting to think about Warrior Dash and being better prepared for it this year. I want to slaughter my time last year, and I think I can do a lot better now that I know a) what I am up against, and b) that I really CAN do it. I will be far less hesitant at those 12 foot walls because I have already done them. I won’t wait FOREVER for the perfect length of rope to scale a wall. I doubt I will have to swim in 6 feet of water this year, since I bet we will NOT get 10 inches of rain the week before the race.

I am 1000x more confident just having done it once and having run 4 times its distance now, as well. Neither the length of the race or the obstacles hold any mystery or fear for me now. The only thing I fear is a repeat of my 58 minute performance of last year. Oh no, that won’t be the case this year. No way in hell.

Also, this year, I have decided to go in costume. Oh yes.



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