I Am A Runner

I am a runner:

-whether my miles take 7 minutes or 11 minutes to run
-because I know what a tempo run is
-for the flood wall
-for the sidewalks
-for the ups and downs of the trail
-for the fast and flat city street
-when it is cold out
-when it is hot out
-because I don’t quit even when my MP3 player does
-because I have a playlist just for my runs
-for my daughter
-for my husband
-for sexy calves
-for my permanent muffin top
-for those who can’t run
-for those who won’t
-because I was fat
-because I choose this
-because I take pride in coming back to work with sweat stains and a flushed face
-for the wounded warrior
-for the neglected child
-for the rockstar
-for the homeless
-because it is fun
-because it is hard
-because it is boring
-because it is exciting
-because I like pie
-because I fear what happens if I don’t run
-for my mom
-for my coworkers
-for the sights along the way
-for the smug sense of pride
-for the humiliation of a bad run
-for the glory of an amazing run
-because this is what I chanted to myself to get through the last 16 minutes of a 3 mile tempo run when the MP3 player’s batteries died and the going got tough

Call me crazy, call me foolish, call me slow, call me prideful.
Just don’t call me a jogger.


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  1. […] brain of “I am a runner…” and would list a reason that I am a runner. That is where yesterday’s post came from. Some of those reasons were ridiculous, some heartfelt, some made up, some were […]


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