Worthy Challenge

It’s the last day of my Reboot 3-day Fast and even though I intended to give a full review of it tomorrow, I can express a great deal about the experiment now that I am over 90% of the way through it.

I “ate” three meals a day though I would have gone up to a 4th shake if I ever felt it necessary for blood sugar control or intense hunger pangs.

My shakes each consisted of one scoop of GNC’s 100% Whey Protein Powder (vanilla), and then most often 8 oz of 2% milk, though at least two shakes had to substitute water. I did include a couple of flavorings a few times: I added a small amount of espresso powder a couple of times, and today at lunch, I added a teaspoon of homemade “Russian Tea” from a coworker (instant tea powder, Tang, cinnamon, cloves) which was absolutely delicious — sort of creamsicle-like with a spiced undertone. I might take the mix home and do it again for my dinner shake. I know there is sugar in the Tang and instant tea, but I used such a small amount, I was unconcerned with its potential effects.

I drank a lot of peppermint tea, plain green tea, and most of all, a Green/White tea blend from Stash Teas that I keep at work. I added lemon or lime slices to all of them except the peppermint tea. Each morning I poured myself a restaurant sized pitcher of water and brought it to my desk and drank it completely before Noon with lemon or lime slices in it; the citrus really helped me get through my water better than I normally do. I gave up Crystal Light additives long ago, but still find plain water difficult to drink; particularly when I am cold (which is all the time).

In the evenings at home, I made bullion broth a couple of times. Very high sodium, I know, but I am not really getting much sodium anywhere else (only 100 mg per protein scoop), and it was comforting and savory; a much needed change from the citrus or vanilla flavors I have been consuming. I will probably do so again this evening.

My two cups of coffee per day plan worked well. I never suffered a caffeine headache, nor did I suffer the jittery hand tremors I sometimes get. I think I would like to drop back to 2 cups per day in general from this point on.

So day by day, how did it go?

1/1/13 – It was the First Day 5k and I was a volunteer, not a participant. The lack of calories and the cold dampness contributed to me feeling cold and tired, as did the late night of New Year’s Eve. I got and took the opportunity to take a nap though, and felt good when I woke up. Made dinner for the family and in general felt okay.

1/2/13 – First day back to work. I decided to buy milk from the café downstairs to mix my shake, and that cost me $1.10 for a pint! So lunch was a plain shake with water. I was feeling pretty good yesterday, able to manage my hunger and able to get in a lot more water than normal for me, partly because I didn’t have to manage the timing of no food/water within 30 minutes of each other. I kept experiencing weird emotional sensations like I was breaking a habit; literally it felt like I needed to eat something just because it was Noon, or there was food in the fridge for me, or something, even though I wasn’t actually even hungry. It was an interesting mental sensation.

1/3/13 – Today has been the best day yet in terms of mental and physical energy. I feel remarkably good. That said, I am also very much looking forward to tomorrow and enjoying solid food again, but it will not be Food Truck Friday like I have been celebrating for months. It will be a meat and cheese roll up for lunch. Maybe some sliced cucumbers, or tomato slices on fresh mozzarella. I have all kinds of weird food cravings right now, mostly for savory things or vegetables, or warm, tender meat. But what I am NOT craving is bagels, pizza, burritos, French fries, or fried chicken. I seriously want some left over ham slices with our homemade mustard or some sautéed mushrooms with greens. This is the best feeling I have had in a while; I have a grip on my cravings. I can indulge in the things I want because they are smart and nutritious choices. And I am looking forward to doing so, in appropriate quantities.

I dub this experiment a success, and might be something I even incorporate into my life once a quarter or so. I am not suggesting it was easy; I have had hunger spells, I have had longings for whatever delicious smell I catch at random moments (it was Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches today), and I have come close a couple of times to giving it up. Yesterday, I spent 30 minutes just ogling paleo-centric food blogs and fantasizing about prime rib, chicken and mushrooms, and even fish chowder. My tummy is rumbling right now just typing about all these delicious things, so yes, it has been a challenge to stick to this fast, but I think it was a worthy challenge. I feel I succeeded in rebooting my brain relating to my food choices.

Tonight, I am going to a spinning class, and Saturday, I am going to go run those 9 miles, even if I do them alone. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it will be a worthy challenge.

If it isn’t hard, I’m not working hard enough, right?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like it was a success. Mind if I steal the idea to try it myself?


    • Posted by laruse on January 4, 2013 at 8:53 am

      Of course! I took the idea from http://racetotherace.blogspot.com/ – a RNY patient (and SCAdian, I believe) who is training for his first ironman distance race in June. He did the Dr. Oz 3 day cleans with great success. I felt like I needed a more protein focused fast, so I consulted some of the obesity forums out there and sort of mix and matched stuff together to make this 3 Day Reboot Fast. I kept Dr. Oz’s green tea suggestion and even an epsome salt bath, but skipped all of his fancy shakes, which I felt were expensive and while full of nutrients, too lacking in protein. I also doubled all of my vitamins, of which I have to take a laundry list of because of the surgery, but I hadn’t taken so much as the first multi-vitamin in a month. I know I was severely depleted, particularly on iron and D3. Go for it and if you need any ideas or help, I am happy to help! Good luck!


  2. Posted by Alex Cam. on January 3, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    Almost sounds like a protein sparring modified fast (psmf). Burns mad fat and I find it cleansing for brief periods. But, if I take it to a week or more kicking puppies becomes second nature.


  3. […] experiment is over and I really can’t add anything more to yesterday’s wrap-up except that it was lovely to eat real food for breakfast and lunch. I might have dropped some water […]


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