I Don’t Need a New Love or a New Life…

I want to give a short addendum to yesterday’s post about low iron count and low energy.

When I tallied exactly how much iron I am taking per day per my doctor’s instructions, it comes out to 1,032% of the Daily Recommended Value (I originally thought it was only 500% but I had underestimated my assumptions about the VitronC supplements).

In someone who had a healthy level of iron or someone whose small intestine wasn’t 33% shorter than it used to be, this level would probably be poisonous. For me, it seems that near poisonous levels of iron have been exactly the panacea that I have needed.

Maya suggested giving my running a little rest this week, which I did, partly because I was forced to by circumstances and partly due to extreme low energy. But 4 days after starting my heavy iron supplementation, I ran yesterday, and I chose the most challenging route I have yet mapped out. A 3.7 mile route east on Main Street, which is uphill for most of a mile, until it hits near vertical levels going to the top of Libbie Hill. For the first time in recent memory, I was able to run some of that hill (I have been limited to walking up that hill for a very long time). Then, rather than being completely blown by the top and having to walk until I hit Grace Street, I was able to resume running. I went and made the full loop around Chimborazo Park, headed back west downhill on Broad Street, and then was even able to force out an uphill sprint back to my office to finish out my run.

Pace was 15-30 seconds per mile faster than almost anything I have managed in months (outside).

Then, in an effort to get a full 7 miles in for the day, I went to the YMCA last night and put myself on a treadmill and pushed out on tired legs another 3.3 miles; not my fastest ever effort on a treadmill by far, but a good sub-11 minute clip. I was tired but not destroyed.

Iron? Rest? More sunlight in my evenings to improve my mental state? All of the above?

Whatever it is, I will take it.

Tomorrow, I run my 13 mile training run (plus a quarter mile). Both anxiety and excitement are gone. All I have for it is a smile. The forecast is calling for light snow; nothing to stick to the sidewalks or streets, but light snow all the same. Now, I despise snow, but the idea of running 13 miles while snowflakes catch in my hair and melt in the warm clouded exhalations of my efforts appeals to me in an almost poetic sense.

“I put one foot in front of the other one, oh oh oh, I don’t need a new love or a new life, just a better place to die.” fun.


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