Heavy Metal

I know that it is smart to train in any weather you are handed, since you cannot predict what race day will bring, but frankly, I’ve had enough rain/snow/sleet this training cycle. I have already made the executive decision to skip Saturday’s Shamrock training run in torrential downpours and I am going to run my 10 miles on Sunday in what is predicted to be much better weather (50s and sunny, though probably still in the 30s when I go out), and I will do it at home with a simple out and back route that has a perfect half-way point if it amuses Byram and Grace to meet me there.

There are indications that my iron supplementation is paying dividends. My average pace is moving back into the low 11 minute realm, back where it was last Spring when I was working so hard for a 2:30 half marathon time.

Better iron number or not, I have put in 9 miles this week all under 11:30 min/miles and I am exhausted now. My lunch run was miserable today, largely in part because I was underdressed for the windchill today, but I just had no energy left to give (maybe my 2330 bedtime had something to do with that, too?). I still managed a 11:25 min/mile pace for a little over 3.5 miles, but I just couldn’t find it in me to eke out 4 miles like I wanted to.

If I could close my eyes right now and take a nap, I would. This makes me particularly grateful for the two days off I have coming between now and Sunday’s 10 miles. If all goes smoothly this evening, I might brave my swimsuit and get in the pool at the Y for a gentle swim and a float. No getting around it; my body is tired right now. It will be so for the next 23+ days. A relaxing session in the pool and then the sauna sounds just about perfect for my weary bones.

I know I am getting into that lonely, hyperfocused place now that comes before a big distance race. It seems early to be getting there, but then 3 weeks will probably pass more quickly than I am prepared for. I sort of hope so. I am kinda ready to get this done.


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