Fair Weather Runner

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to skip the run with the Shamrock group on Saturday morning. The weather was inclement and the family schedule simply worked better if I moved it to Sunday. While a few hardy souls (soles? Hah!) were out running 10 miles in the rain, I was on a grocery run with my favorite grocery-shopping partner (hint: she’s 5 and she has excellent taste in vegetables).

It worked out all for the best. Sunday morning I got up and at my leisure, put on my running clothes, my fuel belt, my headphones, and just went. No drive. No waiting to see who would get us started first. No getting lost in the city. The weather was awesome; dry and cool. It was a great run.

The first mile and the last mile were the only really hilly parts of my route; most of the route was spent running on Route 10 in Chesterfield, mostly a 55 mph section of highway. My experiences with running in my immediate area have not always been good, but maybe since it was early on a Sunday and many of the travelers on the road were on their way to Sunday Meeting, no one was disrespectful or outright rude/scary to the lone runner. No curse words were flung, nor any sexist/suggestive comments yelled, nor were any horns honked and no cars swerved at me in mockery of attempted vehicular manslaughter. In fact, many drivers even were kind enough to change lanes when they had the ability to do so to give me plenty of room over in my bike lane. This is a rare kindness in a county where runners on main roads are as common as blue roses.

The best part about the whole run was visiting very briefly with my family at my half way turn-around and the fact that I ran the whole thing at my desired (road) race pace (I have no illusions about the trail!). I finished my 10 miles in under 2 hours.

Not much else to say about it otherwise. I am at that stage of training where 10 miles really isn’t a big deal anymore (and I am really sorry if that sounds arrogant). This weekend we have our last long run; 12 miles and we are running in northside Richmond again (blah). I hate running on Brook and Lombardy; they are almost as dull as running on Broad Street.

Where 10 miles isn’t really a big deal, 12 still sort of is, but having done 13 already, it isn’t a huge deal. I hope I will still feel that way on March 16th.

The weekend of March 9th, Byram is running a 5k so I will not be running with the Shamrock group. That weekend should be scheduled for 8 miles and I will do those at home. I would like to do them somewhere other than the same out and back route onto Route 10 that I took this weekend, but my neighborhood is bounded by the Defense Supply Center of Richmond, Chippenham Parkway, some nice areas with no shoulders on the side of the road (forget sidewalks), and some really sketchy areas where I just won’t run. Period. I’ve got some time and Google Maps to figure something out though.

Tomorrow is looking like a seriously rainy day, which makes it all the easier to put myself on a treadmill for some speedwork. Tuesdays are still for speed. I am less than 3 weeks from my race and I am just now finally feeling like all the speedwork, long-slow-distances, and hills are finally paying off in my training.

At least it’s paying off late rather than not paying off at all.


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