Measured Response

I finished my 26.2 miles for Boston on a beautiful Saturday morning.

That particular hour and a half run gave me time to contemplate everything that has occurred in the past two weeks relating to running, racing, spectating, and the future of finish lines. The running community has rebounded and seems stronger and better than ever. The outpouring of love, support, and passion for our particular activity has been inspiring and healing.

The rest of it? The hyper-militarized response that was played out like a reality television episode of 24? The xenophobia and, I don’t know, is there a word for a phobia for religion? The rampant speculation? The assured increase in surveillance and of pall of suspicion cast over anyone who isn’t Stepford-like in their behavior? Not so much.

The long running debate between personal liberties versus general security will continue, but this certainly provided a black mark to the personal liberty side of the discussion. More surveillance cameras and drones and armed guards are coming to major races. Period.

Eh, I fell down the rabbit hole for about half a page there and went off the rails. The reality is that there are no easy answers to the question of “What is the appropriate response to an event like the Boston Bombings?”

I can’t speak for anything except my own response, which was to step up my mileage, buy a t-shirt with proceeds going to a Boston charity, paint my nails blue and yellow, and mentally commit to 2 half marathons between October and November.

I love running races. I especially love finishing them. I am grateful that I crossed the finish line at Hardywood last week without the slightest concern about my personal security floating across my mind. I was laughing with my best friend and looking forward to a relaxing post-race party. That is how a finish line should be.


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