Gosh, I had started a post earlier this week about the fact that now I am home from Pennsic and we are shifting from High Summer to Late Summer, that meant it was time to start training for the Richmond Half Marathon. I had this whole post planned about how I couldn’t afford to get on the SportsBacker’s training team and how I had written out a plan based on their plan from last year.

Then everything shifted hard to the left when two of my attorneys, both of whom are also running the race, got together and plotted to pay my fee and register me on their own.


I will be at City Stadium tomorrow morning with about a thousand other people, beginning my 4th half marathon training cycle.

Bryan admitted with a sort of half smirk as the whole plot was revealed that he had insisted they put me down for an intermediate team. Gah! He’s pushing me to get outside my comfort zone and really, I needed that push. There is no distance that the intermediate team will run that I haven’t already run. The intermediate teams tend to be faster than me, but not everyone is. And running with faster people will get me running faster. There is nothing new that the intermediate teams do that I haven’t already done. It’s just a category. And since this IS my 4th training cycle, I really can’t claim to be a novice in all honesty anymore.

I keep stalking my email since I haven’t received my team assignment yet. But then, I was only registered 2 days ago, so I may not get an assignment until I show up tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Intermediates are running 4 miles tomorrow. No big deal, right? I haven’t run 4 miles in a while, but I ran 3 miles twice this week. No big deal, right? I don’t know why, but I am pretty wickedly nervous about it.

Wish me luck because away I go!


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  1. You are totally going to rock the intermediates. Have a great time tomorrow.


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