Could It Be That Simple?

I am more or less recovered from my recent illnesses and my knee got a decent rest, but it is not healed.

It has been driving me crazy wondering why my knee has acted up two years consecutively during my autumn race training, but not at all during my two spring training cycles. What has been the difference? I contemplated the mileage (they were pretty similar), the training routes (pretty much no difference), the pace (again, the same), but it wasn’t until this morning that it dawned on me.

It’s the shoes, dummy.

Training for my first Instant Classic in 2012, I did have some hip pain (not in my knee). I was wearing crappy New Balances and went to ThreeSports where they said I needed a much more supportive shoe. They put me in Brooks Adrenalines and the hip pain vanished. Last autumn, the mileage was getting high on those Adrenalines and when I walked into RoadRunner one day, I found a pair of Adrenalines ASRs on sale for $50 and even in my size. Same shoes, just made for trails, right?

Two weeks or so later, last year’s IT band pain kicked in. I got it treated, quit using the ASRs and I switched back to my older Adrenalines to run the race.

I switched back and forth between pairs until I got my new Adrenalines in early February this year. No IT issues and they served me well all year.

It was the first week of September when I decided to switch to the less supportive Brooks Ghost 6. I liked them just fine, especially that they were lighter and they were a size larger, which was a good thing. But here I am not wearing Adrenalines again and I have IT band issues again.

Correlation does not equal causation, but next year when I get my next set of running shoes, you can bet I am going back to Adrenalines.


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