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Okay, I couldn’t hold out for a post-run update to get to my 100th post. And I really didn’t want to leave the previous freakout post up all weekend either.

To soothe the freaked out beast within, I remembered some of the best race signs I have seen in all my races so far. Some of these might be misremembered or paraphrased, but they all made me smile, then and now. I am vastly calmer than earlier today.


Chuck Norris Never Ran A Half Marathon

Smile If You’re Not Wearing Underwear!

Toenails Are Overrated

There’s Bacon At The Finish Line

If You Think 13.1 Is Hard, You Should Try Holding This Sign For Hours!

Why Do All The Cute Ones Run Away?

You Trained Longer Than Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

You Did This For The Free T-Shirt

13.1 Miles (’cause You’re Only Half Crazy)

Keep It Up – You’re Working Harder Than Congress!

Hurry Up! The Beer Truck Is Running Out!


Then I saw this link, which made my day: