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Minus 11 Days

Went for my longest run ever today, going all the way past the quarry on Belle Isle. Did a little less than 3.5 miles in 35:40. My time would have been faster, I think, but I was struck quite seriously by the dreaded “runner’s plague.” I haven’t suffered from that since my early days of Couch to 5K training last Spring. I blame the high fiber black bean soup I had yesterday, plus 20 ounces of coffee at breakfast and 32 ounces of water in the hour before my run. That was miserable and something I will go out of my way to avoid next Saturday.

A pace of 11:13 and average speed of 5.3 MPH is…well, it is what it is. It certainly is not the 9:59 pace I was hoping for, but I am not devastated by that pace either given the long distance (for me) and the intestinal distress I suffered causing me to slow (and even consider stopping when I got back by the Blackfin and using their facilities) down quite a bit.

I am anxious about the rest of the week and my ability to train. Tomorrow I have a dentist’s appointment that I presume will be a quite evaluation, ending with “Yup, you need a root canal. Come see me again on Friday.” Thursday, I have the day off to watch Grace. Maybe my in-laws will visit and I can use the time to hit the trail at HGD Park. Friday will be spent potentially in the dentist’s chair undergoing a root canal and then travelling south to Mebane, NC. I think that will have to be my rest day; I just cannot see pounding the pavement after a root canal.

This weekend will be spent at an SCA event. The hotel we are in has a fitness center which I hope to take advantage of at least on Saturday evening, and maybe again on Sunday morning before we leave.

I am thrilled to say we hit our fundraising goal and then some thanks to the enormous generosity of our friends and my coworkers. I never expected that we could actually raise $200 but we did and then some. I am humbled by it all and it makes me want to work that much harder to run a race worthy of their generosity.


-187 (-12)

There are only 187 days until the Warrior Dash, but all my focus right now is on the remaining 12 days I have until the Superhero 5k.

In spite of the 35 degree windchill, I ran at lunch, hoping to do a really fast 2.25 mile run. My time was average, and the workout was brutal because it was just so cold. Additionally, I was already pretty seriously fatigued due to a serious lack of sleep. Pace was +11 mins, which was disappointing, though I am not taking it too badly given the weather and the all night long sleep disruptions.

Going to seriously start watching my nutrition over the remaining days until the race. I am upping my carbs a bit more and making absolutely sure I get all my daily protein in, even if I have to supplement with protein shakes or bars.

I am most excited by the fact that we have raised, as of noon today, $195 for the CASA program. Whether I bomb out of the race or not, supporting a program dedicated to helping abused children is what really matters. So thank you for your support!

Added Urgency

“A little voice inside my head said ‘Don’t look back, you can never look back.'”

Training for a 5k that is still 6 months away has not felt very urgent. This week, I signed up for another 5k that does come with a sense of urgency.

Two weeks kind of urgency.

I had seen ads for a 5k in the area called the Superhero Run. Being a family of geeks, we all enjoy our superheros and comic books, and it appealed to me, but I assumed it was up against an out of town SCA event. Turns out, it is up against a local SCA event the following week, which meant it was doable. It benefits the local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program, which assists children in abusive situations.

Grace and her Daddy will dress up for the Kids Run, and I have signed up for the 5k run (no costume for me).

I am not concerned about being competitive; no race winner here yet, but I do want to finish and I want to finish strong. My goal is for a 30 minute run. I did a run last Saturday at 31:20, so I am not too far away, but I have some work to do.

I wonder if it is reasonable to think I can pull a minute and a half off my time in 2 weeks? And if so, what do I have to do to accomplish that goal?

I am running to Belle Isle and back today.