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Working Now But Thinking Ahead

I am committed. I paid my fee, chose my t-shirt size, and I am officially a part of the SportsBackers Half Marathon training team. I am actually pretty excited about this because this is the first formal training team I will work with, and unlike the informal group I trained for the Instant Classic with, there will be a dedicated support team, the routes will be well-organized and planned, and I will actually run the same race as the people I am training with.

I just got done with a 3 mile lunch run. It is finally “normally” hot in Richmond, as opposed to the abnormal heat we had the last week of June/first week of July. It is somewhat easier to get miles in when its 90 rather than 105. Tomorrow will be wretchedly hot, but tomorrow is also my scheduled indoor intervals day (Tuesdays are for speed, you know). I am very focused on getting my miles under 11 minutes, but that is only happening on the treadmill. I just have to keep at it and hope that with falling high temperatures this autumn will also see falling pace times.

The rest of the month has a moderate training plan set out to help keep me motivated, active, and focused heading into Pennsic. Mondays and Thursdays are always 3 mile runs; easily accomplished on my lunch hour. Tuesdays have been speed work days for a long time, and right now, I am focusing on intervals for the sheer intensity I can squeeze into the 20 minutes I get on Tuesdays when I have phone duty (I lose the other 40 minutes to getting to the gym, changing, changing back, getting back to the office, and very quickly throwing something in the microwave to eat at my desk). Wednesdays are for weights. I still love picking up heavy things and putting them back down; I am still in pursuit of shoulders like Michelle Obama. Not to mention, Warrior Dash is still coming.

Fridays are free days. I can cross train (weight lifting, cycling, walking, etc.) or I can just rest. I like having the choice. Saturdays are supposed to be for long runs, 5 miles for now, though for a very solid reason, I skipped my long run this past Saturday. On Sunday, God rested, and so shall I.

After Pennsic, distances will go on the increase. I am really starting to think about Warrior Dash and being better prepared for it this year. I want to slaughter my time last year, and I think I can do a lot better now that I know a) what I am up against, and b) that I really CAN do it. I will be far less hesitant at those 12 foot walls because I have already done them. I won’t wait FOREVER for the perfect length of rope to scale a wall. I doubt I will have to swim in 6 feet of water this year, since I bet we will NOT get 10 inches of rain the week before the race.

I am 1000x more confident just having done it once and having run 4 times its distance now, as well. Neither the length of the race or the obstacles hold any mystery or fear for me now. The only thing I fear is a repeat of my 58 minute performance of last year. Oh no, that won’t be the case this year. No way in hell.

Also, this year, I have decided to go in costume. Oh yes.




For the first time since my surgery, I bench pressed a full size standard Olympic barbell. 20 kilos or 44.1 pounds. When we first joined the Y in December and I approached the bar for the first time in a few years, when I attempted to lift it, nothing happened. Nothing except some eyebrows raised from other lifters in the room and a couple of offers to help spot for me. Sheepishly, I declined the assistance. I couldn’t do it. It was completely humiliating and I was shamed into action.

Since then (with some time off around the holidays), in addition to running, I started attacking my upper body with dumbbells. I have been completely disorganized with my lifting, not going in with a solid plan other than to work on the muscles I like to look at the most, but that, to this point, has been enough. Dumbbell bench presses, upright rows, triceps extensions, pectoral flys, and such.

Dumbbells are great (and arguably better than a barbell) but there is a mental thing about lifting a barbell, and even better, stacking plates on it and then lifting it, so it was a great feeling to lift it last night.

Having achieved my very first strength related goal, I need to organize a program and follow it. If I want to achieve my goal of a sub-50 minute Warrior Dash in September, I have to be stronger so I can overcome those obstacles faster.

Post-Race Blues

I posted my write-up on the Virginia Warrior Dash Race over at my regular blog; you can read it all here.

After such an insane weekend, post-race blues are setting in a bit, combined with two bits of bad news. The first is related to the length of time my beloved dog has left to be with us (hint: only a few more days) and the second was the single worst hemoglobin reading I have ever had taken in attempting a blood donation, in spite of heavy Fe supplementation over the past month.

I need to address some health issues, nutritionally and habit-related.

I also need a new goal to work towards. Warrior Dash is over and I have no races on my schedule until April at the earliest. I have been desperately searching for some kind of New Year’s eve or New Year’s day race, but the only local one I found was already sold out of spaces. I thought it would be really need to set the tone of 2012 with a race.

I am more depressed than ever that I am not running the half-marathon on November 12, like I had so badly wanted too. Money issues and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever set in at the exact same time that I needed to sign up and start hard-core training. I set aside my 13.1 mile goal at that point. Too sick and too poor to even get off the ground.

I am looking for charity runs, 5Ks, 10Ks, mud runs, whatever. I am also trying to avoid conflicting with major SCA events. Rugged Maniac on May 5, 2012, is therefore out. Henricus Dauber Dash (is there not a more perfect race for me?) is a possibility as it will run the week AFTER Pennsic next year, but that is mid-August and I need something to run soon. Like now.

I could run the Ukrops 10K in April next year, but honestly, the race sells out every year and it is capped at 40,000 entrants. I really don’t want to run with 40,000 other people unless I am going into something really big like a half or full marathon. Crowds give me issues, and it was tough enough running in a wave of 500 last weekend.

There is the MGD Filthy 5K, which is part of the Dominion River Rock games, next May. It is cheap ($25), within walking distance from my office so I can hit it straight up after work, capped at 2,000 participants, and looks like a ton of fun. Again, it’s in May.

I just stumbled across this Pumpkin Run at the end of the month. It hits all the right things for me. Close, inexpensive, running for charity (autism!), and family friendly (free kids run).

Maybe that’s what I will go do.

But first, I need new shoes.

18 Days and Counting

2.2 miles today in 26:15. 83 degrees and sunny.
Stopped to walk twice, once at about 1.5 miles for 2 whole minutes, and once after the uber hill coming up Byrd Street: 45 second recovery walk. A bit disappointed with the 12 minute pace.

Seemed hotter than it was. 83 was definitely a far cry from the mid-90s weather of this summer, but truthfully, I ran precious little in the heat.

Want to run in the 50’s weather they are predicting for Friday and see if I can get a bump up in pace.

Need to get in a 3.5 mile run this weekend at home, which means it is time for fun with Google Earth.

Warrior Dash Major Update

Major Warrior Dash news for the October 1, 2011 Virginia Race.

They moved the Virginia Warrior Dash from Warsaw, Virginia, to Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia.

It’s a quarter mile longer. There is a much deeper (waist deep) water run, which appears to be in the first mile of the race (ugh, wet socks for 3 miles…blister-town here I come!). And there is a tight rope climb back over the river. The rest of the obstacles appear to be the same (jumping the fire, climbing various cargo nets, scrambling over rusted out cars, etc.).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Who wants to come run with me, especially now that it is closer to Richmond?


Only 158 days to the Warrior Dash. Don’t think I have forgotten that.

So, catching up on my training:

Sunday: attempted a 2 mile run at the school but fell flat after half a mile, most likely due to dehydration.

Monday: intended a 2 mile run that turned into 2.75 miles because I felt so good and strong.

Tuesday- Cross training – climbed from the first to the 10th floor of my building twice in the stairwell, then went on a 1.7 mile powerwalk.

Since joining the Battle of the Bulge challenge team at work, I have been highly committed to getting my 30 minutes of activity in, in theory 3 times a week, but I want to earn those bonus points for doing even more. I do not want to be the weakest link on my team.

I’m not. I am logging my food religiously and making sure I get activity in so that I have something to log. One of my teammates is in Colorado at a ski resort, so her access is spotty at best, but she logs when she can and she has really been able to rack up the fitness points. Another one (the marathoner on my team) gave up logging after one big splurge at Bottoms Up Pizza. I talked him back into the game and he started logging again this afternoon. I am proud both that he got back in and that I was able to encourage him.

The remaining member of the team is hit or miss with her logging.

I want to win this thing. My competitive streak is strong. They had no idea what they were getting into when they asked me. I don’t even know what we are “playing” for, what the prize is, but it doesn’t matter. I want to win. I want the bragging rights and I want that deep-seated smug sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something better than people around you who consistently underestimate you.

This challenge has helped me focus on my diet and activity level, and it has gotten me back into the habit of logging my food choices, which will please my nurse practitioner to no end. It is also easier to stay out of the candy bowl in one infamous office if you know you have to own up to eating 1, 2, or 5 pieces.

I really need to do some yoga tonight. I believe in the healing power of yoga now, though it is still not my favorite activity. My legs are going to hurt from the two trips up the 10 flights of stairs, and I want to run tomorrow. I think I will make tomorrow a short run, Thursday will be another cross-training day, and then Friday, I want to do a 3.5 mile run.

The other thing I really need to work on is picking up heavy objects repeatedly on a more regular basis, too.

Less than 200

I ususally title my posts with the number of days left until the Warrior Dash race, but I am not at my desk with my handy blotter/calendar in front of me.

With the improved weather (70s again!) it is far easier to lace up my trainers and hit the bricks. Went for two runs at work last week (2.25 miles each) and on Saturday, walked up to the school and did 6 laps on the .5 mile track there. I had a sub-30 minute goal in mind, which I failed to hit, finishing the last lap at 31:20, but it’s hard to complain when 18 months ago, running 3 miles was something other people did.

I intend to run at lunch today, probably my 2.25 standard run, and hope to do another 3 miler this weekend if Byram doesn’t mind watching the munchkin for the better part of an hour.

Need to get more strength training in and need to look back over the obstacles at the Warrior dash and see if I cannot simulate some of them for practice.

Really am glad the weather is turning around.