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1/23-24 Weekend:

Did an abdominal workout during the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Sunday was my rest day.

Packed my gear to run today at lunch, but I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon for a probably sinus/double ear infection, possibly an upper respiratory infection; and between a lack of time at work, feeling miserable, and the fact that it was snowing outside 90 minutes ago, I could not talk myself into putting my gear on. If I do have an URI, I will probably back off the aerobic workouts this week and stick to anaerobic.

Workout Goals for the Week of 1/24-1/28

Monday- 20 minute dumbbell workout video. ** Done **
Tuesday- Lower body (ball and dumbbells) (2 mile run)
Wednesday – Arms and Chest (ball and dumbbells) (2 mile run)
Thursday – Power Yoga (2 mile run)
Friday – 15 minute core

I want to do those runs on Tues, Wed, and Thur if I can, but it depends on how I am feeling.